Why Choose PWP Studio?

One of the main reasons to choose PWP Studio over the other corporate event photography companies in Atlanta is because we are the best. Not like the best-best, but the B-E-S-T best!

Seriously though, having a few of the best event photographers in Atlanta helps, but our advantage is not necessarily our singular pursuit of the perfect image. There are a lot of photographers in the city whom can provide a great picture, but our pursuits go well beyond creating fantastic images.  For us, the process is just as important as the picture itself. We don’t sit around asking ourselves how we could’ve taken a better picture; we sit around asking ourselves, “Self, how can we create a better overall experience for our client?”

You see – when it comes to corporate event photography – what we do on site is less than half of what we do. Long before a fantastic photographer shows up at your event, there was probably a website visit, more than likely a phone call, a proposal was sent, a contract was signed, and invoice was provided. Those are time-killing pain points when you are dealing with an entity that has no understanding (or worse, no regard) for the value of your time! Of course we love to hear that our images are fantastic from our vendor partners and our clients, but what we hear more than anything is how easy the entire process is with our studio. Whether it’s making sure we have all the information we will need for your event on the first phone call, or making sure that you have all the information you need before the contract is provided, to providing an online client area where you can verify the details of our agreement 24 hours a day seven days a week at your leisure – we created a no hassle experience that has one consideration in mind: you are too busy to deal with a hassle and your time is precious.

How We Do It
It doesn’t take a genius to identify where the problems occur when a small business gets overwhelmed. The bottleneck in a photography business is usually caused by the photographer/owner: the one person whom is responsible for EVERYTHING.

We looked at our small company and gave some real thought to what it would look like if it was a big company. Would our bookkeeper be doing web design? Probably not. So rather than try to find (or try to be) the one person whom is good at everything, we make it a point to find specialists to handle every task. We don’t have a logo designer retouching human faces. We don’t have a trained retoucher working on our architecture and interior shots.

We have contract, part-time, an full-time people: a dedicated image production manager, office manager, multiple photographers, bookkeeper, CPA, and three graphic designers – each with thier own specialty. That translates to service, and our service is completely scalable when demand grows.

We have fully leveraged technology for the tools we need to complete proposals and contracts completely online and from remote places (like off-site offices). No faxes. No paper.

Because that’s the way we operate, there are a few things we can provide that most of our competition cannot – like consistently quick turnaround before and after the shoot. When we have many many hours of shooting + special requests – we can handle the load without becoming overwhelmed. So what if the owner and chief photographer are in a different country capturing an incentive trip 10 hours a day – someone will be answering the phone and able to help you when you call!

We don’t just say it – our business is about giving you 100% of your RDA of Event-Vitamin C: Consistency, Creativity, and Competence! Oh yea, and we are the B-E-S-T best, too!!