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The wedding days are behind me – but why?

I am often asked why we stopped capturing weddings. Seems the reasoning behind the question is often to get ‘the scoop on crazy bridezilla behavior’ or some assumption of behind the scenes misery that many of my fellow wedding vendors seem to have.

Truth is: we simply had a handful of good solid reasons to leave weddings behind – reasons based solely on personal and business goals.

We were verrrry blessed and lucky in our years as a studio that catered to social clients because we never had a bridezilla or a major client conflict like the ones you hear so much about. We have some crazy stories about our experiences for certain, but I/we really truly enjoyed sharing wedding days with our clients. Shoot, some of our wedding clients from past years are currently our best friends! It wasn’t a ‘labor of loathe’ market for us.

On the other hand…

Although we were blessed with great clients, there were a TON of people that never made it to our client list. This post is for those people and the many like them that were/are cluelessly looking for cheap/free wedding photography when there is a budget for legitimate services. Here are a few of my fav reasons/requests for crazy deep discounts:
“It is just one day.”
“We have a small guest list.”
“My fiance is a photographer and he could help” (really??)
“We are getting married in fabulous Macon, GA” (not that I have anything against Macon – I was born there – just have a problem disocunting a wedding package because of that particular exotic location)
“My fiance and I are a pretty couple and you would be lucky to have us in your portfolio”
“Our wedding at (wedding mill venue) and (wedding mill flowers) with (wedding mill decor company) is going to be soooo unique.”

The rest of the reasons – and a little humor about the whole crazy interview process (so true!) is included in the funny animated video below.

Brides beware – this hits awfully close to home!!


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