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Social Media Etiquette 101: Event Industry

By February 16, 2016Uncategorized

In a culture hungry for regular interaction on social media, maintaining profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has never been more vital to your event business. Following a simple set of etiquette rules ensures that your fellow vendors share in the social media love, and that your followers also see the incredible work of your vendor partners. When social media all works together as it should, your business sees the benefit, your SEO sees the benefit, and even your clients see the benefits as their eyes are opened to the wonderfully talented company you keep!

When you are posting to social media platforms, here are some simple steps to make certain you are getting the MOST exposure possible for your business and the business of your partners.

Step 1:  Look up their website and review whether they’re connected to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.; once you’ve found them on social media, make sure you Like or follow their pages if you haven’t already. This is especially useful because – once you follow them – it is more likely that their CORRECT name will auto-populate if you tag (mention) them in a social media post you create!

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Step 2: When you’re writing your post, be sure to share the love by tagging/mentioning the correct account for your vendor partner. It doesn’t really help much to ‘guess’, pick a random similar name, or just write out a name; try your best to find their actual account. If their name doesn’t come up as ‘linked’ or ‘tagged’ (usually noted by a different color), they might not see your post or know you mentioned them.

Step 3: When possible, include the vendor partner’s website link so viewers can easily jump to their website.
Step 4: Share blog posts and content directly from your vendor partners’ websites and social media feeds – it helps their SEO, too!
Step 5: Creating a post (a.k.a. content) for your own social media is the hard part. A best practice for easy content: once you’ve created a new post, copy it, change up the text in your post slightly, and schedule that post again for a few months out… and do it again for a few months after that. Chances are, with all that is going on the social world, no one will remember you mentioned that same fab party six months prior!

Fun side effects you will see the longer you do this “create, publish, tweak, and publish again later” routine:

  1. Less stress comes a few months down the road because you already have a few posts ready to launch – because you scheduled them today!
  2. Your future new fans and followers will see more great original content from older events on your social media assets that they would have otherwise missed!

When you follow these few simple steps, you and your vendor partners are sure to enjoy greater follower visibility on social media, more potential collaboration with your favorite partners from clients, and maybe even some better search rankings along the way!

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