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It’s 2013: What is your time worth?

I’ve been talking to a lot of meeting planners lately – because that is what I do – and it is funny how many DON’T have New Year’s resolutions! I mean, c’mon, how will anyone get anything done in this business without planning?

I digress.

A frequent theme for New Year’s resolutions that seems to come up quite a bit in my conversations with events industry professionals is time management: working less, working more efficiently, getting more things done, focusing, and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is: people in the event industry have a lot to do on a day-to-day basis, and are constantly looking to find ways to get more done and get back to LIVING! Well, I get it too – I am secretly working on cloning myself – moo-whah-hahhhh!!!!

One of the ways you can guard your time is to start doing business with other industry professionals who respect their own. When someone is doing ‘good business’ consistently it shows, whether it be by organizing themselves, replying to correspondence promptly, or updating their technology and systems to keep up with today’s tools.

This is where we come in. Our entire brand/business/identity is set up for people in the events industry with 1 million things to do and limited time. Sound familiar? So, instead of trying to create a photography studio that offers some sort of unique whizbang technology solution, or claims to be the best at a myriad of different services – we set ours up to be easy and efficient. Period.

We believe we are the best (after 20 years in the industry and multiple awards – I better be!!), but our focus is on being the most efficient. Our booking process is quick and easy (and all online!), and our contracts can be completely executed in an office or on the road while traveling. In fact, the average time our clients spend dealing with us and all of the details of the photography for their events is usually less than 30 minutes!

Stop and think about that for a second – and the experience you may be having with your current vendor(s). A total of 30 minutes of your time will cover all aspects of booking photography for your event or your client: initial contact, discovery conversation, contracting, invoicing, AND deliverables! No faxing. No printing. No email follow-ups. No jumping through hoops. Everything is smooth, efficient, online, and accessible from anywhere – because we designed it to be quick and easy.

Rarely do our clients have to call or email us to check up on things because we follow-up on the front end and we keep a tight schedule on the post-production. You get what you need from us before it occurs to you to follow up! Even in our peak of peak times, our image delivery might get stretched to four business days (normally three business days for every event we capture!) Can your photographer consistently maintain a three or four day delivery schedule? Based on what we have seen of our industry peers, we hear that window for other photographers approach two to three weeks on a very frequent basis. When you think about it, imagine the delivery delay and how it affects your personal time – that means a lot of back and forth emailing between you, your client and the photographer about the images, repackaging the images for your client, and not to mention all the waiting for replies. What if all that craziness went away?

Here’s another thing you may not know: “we” is actually a we – not just a “me” saying “we” to seem bigger and better than one person can be! Our business is not a one-man operation. We actually have a studio manager, a graphic designer, and an image production manager – that means things are getting done and emails are getting answered even when “the photographer” is traveling for a shoot or buried in shoots in peak season!

All in all, if you have read this entire piece, it is clear that saving time appeals to you. Let us help you with your next event and see how easy it can really be. Our rates may not be as cheap as your current provider, but I bet our team can consistently do it better! Not to mention this little ditty, what is YOUR time worth??



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