When it comes to capturing large groups, nobody does it better!

Our top three photographers have orchestrated well over 500 groups ranging from 10 people in an annual report style pose to 450 people in an indoor ballroom!

We understand that your group photo needs to have three core attributes:

       1. the organization and posing of the group needs to happen in a timely manner

       2. everyone in the group needs to be seen looking their best

       3. and the technical aspect of the image should be ‘on point.

Those three core attributes seem pretty easy (and obvious!), but execution of those elements in a consistent manner is where our experience really pays off. Posing small groups and “herding” large groups can be very tricky for many reasons: salespeople like to talk, executives like not to be rushed or touched, engineers have a short attention span, alcohol is frequently involved, and nobody smiles when the photographer is a “dud”! Moving a group of people together with a seamless consistent pose requires professionalism and tact. Doing it quickly without upsetting any egos requires experience… without exception.

From a technical excellence point of view, group photos are challenging in many ways, and proper planning is the only solution. Our goals when capturing a group are as follows: even lighting from the first person closest to the camera to the furthest person away from the camera, sharp focus from the front of the group to the back of the group, and an adequate amount of lighting to provide a crisp image with clear detail. When those three come together, you have a group photo that can be printed as large as you would like — and seeing all of those smiling faces is our goal!



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