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TPS Report on PWP Employee Performance, Evaluations, and Promotions

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So, we have a couple of employees that have been promoted recently. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize them publicly…

First, we will start with Charlie Williams.

Charlie started with the company just a few short months ago, and thanks to an unwavering enthusiasm for current management, he has already moved up through the ranks to the official roll of GM, or Glee Midget.

Secondly, I would like to give a formal nod to Murphy Williams.

Murphy has been with us for four years now, but it isn’t until the past year when he has truly shown us his talents in completely derailing all office efficiency. He is a master of partially resolving issues, reorganizing workspaces, loud outbursts, and flying trains or planes into walls. For these – and many other – learned and intangible skills, he has recently been promoted to DOD, or Director of Distraction.

If you see these employees wandering through the halls, stop them, pat them on the back, change their diaper, wipe their noses, and commend them for doing an excellent job.






“It is like I left the country…” – Part II

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Well, the last time we had a post with that title, it was because we actually left the country for just over a week to photograph a fantastic incentive trip in Québec City, Canada . This time, it was something COMPLETELY different! On March 2, 2011 my wife, Angel, brought a new little human being into the world. His name is Charlie V Williams, and he is just about the cutest thing you have ever seen! He was born at 11:07 AM with a long thin body, head full of black hair, and – seeing as how I am still the owner around here – has caused quite a disturbance in the studio!

I took off almost the entire month of March — with a few minor exceptions — and Gary Adams, our new studio manager, has helped pick up the slack. [Actually, Gary has been a complete lifesaver – but we don’t want him to ask for a raise so soon, so we’re just going to say that he just “helped”.]

Anyway, I just wanted to share why things may have been a little delayed, responses might have come a little slower, or why I may have looked a little less than perky on-site! Here are a few pics of the new little dude for you to enjoy.


Also, it must be said that everyone is doing quite well with the transition, and even our older son Murphy has welcomed his new little brother with open arms. We are so blessed with our beautiful family!

‘Tis the Season…

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…to hang out with friends, see family for as long as you can stand it (then some more), share gifts, and celebrate whatever it is you celebrate. In our home and studio, we celebrate birth of Jesus – so we wish all of you a

Merry Christmas!!


Along with our Christmas wishes, Santa came along on his sleigh and wanted to toast you a MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Ho-HO-HOooo!!

The images above were captured at Der Biergarten during the 1st Annual St Nikolaustag Celebration. You can check out more of the fantastic event on the PWP Studio Facebook page.

In other news, now that we are all corporate, I am a little frugal with the Murphy updates. Well, it is Christmas and there is a lot of good cheer to share, so here is our little elf in front of the tree!!

Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season, and fill the rest of 2010 with some good cheer – because 2011 is coming and I hear she is gonna be FANTASTIC!!


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The Wall Street Journal is one of our favorite new clients, and they have invited us to capture some pretty fantastic events in the past few weeks. The first event – hosted by WSJ nationally – was titled, “How I Built It” – a panel discussion of some very well known industry leaders hosted by WSJ at the St. Regis Buckhead. It was all kinds of informative, inspiring, and at times, humorous!

Hearing Sarah Blakely discuss how she financed her business through the bank of “Nana” (her grandmother) and listening to Jeff Orly describe the original idea behind the invention of the French manicure were certainly a couple of highlights! The room was filled with entrepreneurs and a ‘who’s who’ in Atlanta business – and they were listening intently to what the speakers had to say about achieving success in terms of business, finance, branding, hard work, and occasionally – a little bit of luck.

The event ended with a presentation on e-mail marketing from the president of Constant Contact.

You have to love the St. Regis for their attitude about service and going the extra mile. One of the ladies with Wall Street Journal mentioned she had always been fascinated watching people saber bottles of champagne. No sooner had it come out of her mouth than the fine folks at the Regis offered to show her how to saber a bottle herself! We watched. We learned. Next time you’re at a party with me – ask, and I will show you my favorite new party trick!!

A few days later we were at the AMC Fork & Screen for a sneak preview of the movie, Wall Street -Money Never Sleeps (the Michael Douglas hit sequel) hosted by the Atlanta WSJ office. It was also a well attended fun event!

Also, we have been adding lots and lots of pictures to our Facebook fan page. Check out Facebook and search for PWP Studio – give us a “like” and we will keep you stocked up on good fun event images from all over the country! We will be headed down to Jacksonville next week to capture the annual UTA convention, and then the busy crazy Holiday season starts!!

One last thing: our little goblin has been working hard prepping pumpkins, costumes, and fun photo ops for the upcoming season – be on the lookout!!

Thanks for visiting!

Wham-Bam Thank You…uhh, everyone.

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It has been another fantastic week at PWP Studio! This week has been all about a different kind of shooting for us: advertising and online media content. One of our fantastic clients is currently in the process of updating select images for their website, leasing portfolio, and printed marketing collateral. Of course I was the first one there with the camera, “pick me, choose me, let me be the guy to help you sell your space!”

Legacy Property Group owns some of my favorite venues (STATS, Max’s, and Ventana’s) and invited us to capture some fantastic images for them over the past couple of weeks – we will start with a couple of panoramic images covering Centennial Olympic Park, the Aquarium, the World of Coca Cola, and some of Legacy’s assets along Luckie Street. (You will need to click on these images to see the full view.)

The next set of images included some key shots of their menu and restaurant/venue from STATS Food Play.

The last set: a few key images for Max’s Pizza! (Heyyy, is that my KID in the right hand edge of the frame?)

I want to give a ‘big shout’ out to all of the fantastic employees of the Georgia Aquarium, Embassy Suites, Legacy Corporate office, and Grey Advertising for coming out and being our live models for a long lunch hour!

If you haven’t been down to the Luckie-Marietta district (where Baker Street crosses Luckie and Marietta close to the World Congress Center) lately, you should give it a whirl. It is a great place to spend some good time with friends, hot food, and ice cold beverages!

And since I haven’t posted a pic of the kidlet in a while – did I tell you we took Murphy to see Toy Story 3? Angel may have dressed him up…just maybe.

Happy 4th of July!!

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So, we planned on being beach-side this Independence Day. Although we did end up down in Sunnyside over the weekend (no oil – just lots of sand and beautiful blue water!), our extended family’s plans changed and we decided to come back a day early – literally just in time to catch the ATL fireworks show from the Georgia Aquarium’s Next Wave Society Parking Deck Party! It was AWESOME!

Cute Kid + Pretty Beach Sunset + Big Camera = New Blog Post

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After all, what is the point of having all this amazing gear [insert jealous soccer moms and photography students here] if you don’t use it on your own kids!? I think the wifee, Angel, is the real winner here…





Check back soon – we have some AMAZING events soon to be posted here. Also, you might want to pick up an issue of the next Atlanta Occasions Magazine – I hear we might have a little something in there, too!

Edible Canopy Adventures: The NEW Atlanta Botanical Gardens Exhibits…and a little Murph.

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Our good friends at Affairs to Remember Catering invited us to capture the very first event at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ new Canopy Walk and Edible Gardens exhibits . The event was the VIP Grand Opening reception and tour for the committees and companies that participated in bringing the new exhibits to life.

I could go on and on and on about the new exhibits, but what I really need to say is this: you need to go check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens! The design of the new exhibits is simply fantastic – there are some key elements of the exhibits that will bring the experience a ‘little closer to home’ for most people.

We will start with the Canopy Walk. Although I was there to photograph the decor and food presented by ATR, I couldn’t help but catch the ribbon cutting ceremony.












After guests experienced the new canopy walk, we then ventured out to the other side of the gardens where the new Edible Gardens are on display. There is even a fantastic cooking kitchen (permanent installation) or you can learn how to incorporate fresh foods from your garden into amazing recipes!








Thanks so much to Dana and Rich at Affairs to Remember for inviting PWP Studio to capture their amazing adventure as the first caterers to explore the new exhibits at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!!

The following day, we found ourselves on a BIG adventure. Sir Topham Hatt called to let Angel and me know the “real” Thomas the Tank Engine would be stopping by the Tennessee Railroad – just up the road in Chattanooga (which we taught Murphy to refer to as “Chatta-boogie”). Mr. Hatt asked us if we might like to take a ride…ummm, YES!!! WELL, Murphy and fam had a ball!!






Surprisingly, Murph was a little scared of Sir Topham Hatt!?


Still, we thanked Mr. Hatt for the invite and left Chattaboogie – with smiles and fond memories of a grand day out with Thomas!!

End of 2009 Recap – Chapter 3

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One of the cool things about getting to a certain level in event photography is the opportunity for frequent travel. The photographers of PWP Studio have been very fortunate in the past few years because our clients have taken us to shoot in such fabulous locations as Paris, the West Indies, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, and coast to coast here in the fantastic United States. We aren’t millionaires yet, but the perks are pretty fantastic!

The only thing better than the opportunity for frequent travel is the opportunity for frequent travel with friends and family. My wife, Angel, has had the opportunity to go to some of those fantastic destinations and my brother, Peter, hasn’t lagged far behind on the trip meter. One of our photographers and good friends, Paul, photographed a wedding for PWP in St. Thomas a couple of years ago, and invited us to capture HIS wedding in Costa Rica this past December (of ’09). Angel, Mark Adams, and I flew down to share the event with our photog friends…and spending a week out of the country 10 days before Christmas was a pretty darn good reason (number 428) to spend most of January (now February)  catching up!

Paul and Lorraine were married in a beautiful church in San Jose, Costa Rica.









The reception was held at the Real InterContinental. Holy tequila and limes Batman – we had a good time!!!




Even though I was the man behind the camera, Paul still invited me to give a best man speech.





As the clock strikes midnight, most wedding receptions are winding down. This wasn’t most wedding receptions because THIS was a Costa Rican wedding reception! Midnight was the time of night when the tequila cart rolled out into the middle of the dance floor and the carnival started. Dancers, drummers, party favors, and tequila – simply amazing!





There was so much to see and so much beauty everywhere — the trip just flew by. Still, we had a good time and witnessed the amazing wedding of two dear friends! Congratulations Team Beezley!

As we were flying back from Costa Rica, my good friend Ben was covering a PWP shoot at the Georgia Aquarium: Evergreen!



There’s no sleep in December folks – the following day I captured an amazing engagement session for Erica and Dimitri, Angel captured some amazing portraits for little Addison Campbell, and that night I was back at the Aquarium capturing a fantastic Holiday event for Parish Construction!









Another eve passed and it was FINALLY time to kick it into Holiday gear; our master chef Murphy was on hand for helping out with the Christmas baking…





‘Twas the Saturday before Christmas and all through the house … err, everybody was running crazy!! I still had a mostly unpacked suitcase sitting on the floor (from Costa Rica), had captured another few corporate events (contract says I can’t share those – sorry), and I was headed right back out the door to photograph the wedding of Erica and Dimitri Cassini! We started the day at the Hilton Garden Inn in the Lucky-Marietta district; they chose Christ the Redeemer on Peachtree as the location they would say their “I do’s”…










From there we were on to the fabulous and fantastic new venue, Ventanas!


Ventanas is a brand-new special event venue situated atop the Hilton Garden Inn – and has some of the most amazing views of the city there are.









One of the most amazing aspects of the venue is the fact it has a helipad directly on top of it – true Penthouse party style.


One thing to mention…it was about 20 degrees with gusts of wind that would just about take you off your feet (top of a tall building kind of gusts). Two things that means: I could barely hold the camera still for the long exposure, and THESE TWO ARE TROOPERS for even going up there!!!! She might be smiling…she might be crying….me, I was in tears.

The teams of Your Event Solution and Proof of the Pudding Catering put together an event that guests, the bride and groom, and our team will not soon forget!!!










That was the last shoot of last year. What a helluva groovy note to end on – and what a year it was!! We made some new friends – some happen to be new clients – and had a great time doing what we do. Thank you so much for reading this blog and caring enough to keep up with our little studio. Many thanks to Mark, Ben, Angel, Murphy, Peter, Shauna, Jay, Kevin, and Melissa for helping us make it through December of 2009!!!

Stay tuned, we are excited to show you what we have been up to this first month and a half of 2010!!

End of 2009 Recap – Chapter 2

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You can read below about the craziness of December. Once you do, you will realize why we need to split all the shoots we have at the end of the year in separate blog posts. This is chapter 2 in this post covers a few more days of PWP world…

I already created a blog post for the NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) event at the Hard Rock, so just a teaser….





The next big event was Solvay Pharmaceuticals’ holiday party at the Cobb Galleria. It was smashing – everyone really had a good time at this huge event!







While I was prepping gear for the big party at the Galleria, Angel was over visiting some friends and caught these adorable pics of their boys, Lyle and Cook.



The last event in this chapter of the recap is one of the most visually stunning events I have captured in a good long while. This was another event  created by the event industry for the event industry;  this time it was for EXPO!EXPO! – a convention for industry professionals dealing with LARGE events. I saw some really neat new ideas…












PWP Studio was an event sponsor – nothing I like more than seeing our super-fancy PWP logo on display at an event where thousands of convention planners are the audience!


Oh yea, Murphy also learned how to play chess in December…err, freestyle chess!



So, check back soon – I still have at least two more end of the year recap chapters to cover: a wedding in Costa Rica, more Holiday parties, and the first wedding at a HOT new venue in midtown! Busy busy busy!!!