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East Coast Entertainment

We found the Fountain of Youth…in Puerto Rico!

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At PWP Studio we’re known for our love of travel, so when our pals at East Coast Entertainment offered us a chance to photograph an incentive trip to Puerto Rico– we were on board! For three days we were spoiled at the El San Juan Resort and Casino, the site of some of the most dazzling beaches in PR, and hottest nightclubs! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

To introduce their award winning hospitality and welcome the guests, the El San Juan Resort set up a tantalizing welcome dinner, complete with entertaining steel drum performances.

During the next day, guests were given an opportunity to play volleyball in a tournament staged on the beach.


Of course, because this was an incentive trip, we had to celebrate employee performances– and what better way than with an awards dinner? Not only does El San Juan Resort have the perfect ambiance for the event, but they entertain, as well! The “Gentleman Thief” was too much fun.

Of course, relaxation is one of the main reasons to vacation in Puerto Rico. The resort is surrounded by 15 lush acres of rain forest, and on our hike we learned some spa history, for instance: when the Spanish Conquistadors landed there, the native Taino people told them about the healing properties of the hot springs…in other words, the famed fountain of youth! So we made like Ponce de Leon, and explored our way through (and up!) the trees toward the Yokahu Tower observation point.






Our trip came to end with a beachfront farewell dinner, complete with local bands and dancers in full costume. San Juan really knows how to have a good time! In fact, the El San Juan Resort and Casino is host to Club BRAVA and Ultra Lounge— the premiere nightclub in Puerto Rico! On the weekends (starting Thursday) even the lobby is packed with club-goers looking for a place to simultaneously chill out and dance the night away.





Big thanks to East Coast Entertainment for having us as part of their team. And if you’re interested in the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico, you can “like” El San Juan Resort on Facebook for up-to-date information on their events and specials!