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Who would ever want to be seen in this place?!

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I would!

The venue for the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 50th birthday was The Metropolitan Night Club, and it was AWESOME!

We were in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Kitchen and Bath Industry show and among all the venues we visited, The Metropolitan stood out. It is what you would expect and more from the home of Jazz and the city also known as The Big Easy.

The Metropolitan is a two-story warehouse that turns into the premiere video night club of New Orleans, offering two music formats to its customers in two rooms, by celebrity DJs. Guests can also watch the shows from one of the 5 projectors and 7 flat screen TVs. I could go on an on, but these pictures tell it better —


2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers 


This last photo wasn’t taken on the same spot as The Metropolitan, but it shows an amazing view of New Orleans at night.

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers


2013 Heritage Celebration at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta

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PWP Studio had the honor of covering the 2013 Heritage Celebration at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Former Atlanta Mayor and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young talked about the historical significance of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to the African-American Civil Rights Movement, as it was the venue of some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s meetings in the 1960s. Ambassador Young also recognized the Ground Crew of the movement, the volunteers, and the workers who made it happen.

Christine King Farris, Dr. King’s sister, graced the event with many other prominent leaders in the African-American community.

Legendary basketball player Hank Aaron was also there with his wife, Billye Aaron, who was presented with the 2013 Crystal Customer Award by the Hyatt Regency Atlanta General Manager Joe Hindsley.

During the event, more than 50 Hyatt Regency Atlanta employees were also honored for their 30 years or more of service.

Take a look at the photos we took of the venue, elegant decor and guests, including that of Billye Aaron singing Happy Birthday to her husband who celebrated his birthday a few days before the event —










Live out your biggest rock star fantasies!

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When you’ve experienced Karaoke like in the event we covered recently at the Georgia Aquarium, you will never be the same again!

Okay, maybe there’s just a little bit of exaggeration there, but this was Karaoke on steroids. Imagine rocking to your favorite tunes with a live band playing with you in front of everyone. How’s that for Karaoke night?

It was the Metalsome band that rocked with the Karaoke participants during this event, with 2000 people in attendance.

Check out some of the photos we took and see the awesome job CCP Events did decorating the GA Aquarium.


0516_ATC_PWP2013 (1)









Did you see the DeLorean Time Machine land in Atlanta?

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No, time machines are not on the market just yet, but the car from the Back to the Future movies was at the epic event we shot for a client.  It fit in perfectly with the futuristic and outer space décor during the event, which was held at the Georgia World Congress Center and the Georgia Aquarium.

Though the characters of the film, Marty McFly and Doc Brown didn’t blast in with the DeLorean, the audience was more than excited to see this year’s guest presenter, Shaquille O’Neal. During the Q & A session, some of the basketball legend’s fans jumped on the stage with him to take pictures, and one even did a quick rap with Shaq!

When that was wrapped, the audience was wowed by the ice carving group Fear No Ice, who put on an amazing demonstration for everyone.  After that, the surprise musical presenter, Matchbox Twenty set everyone on fire with favorite hits from their albums.

This year, their annual company meeting had a little twist to it though – it was a circus! No, really it was. A carnival was setup for a whole evening, complete with acrobats, sword swallowers and people on stilts! The Imperial Opa Circus just took the event to a whole new level.  See for yourself —

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (4)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (1)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (2)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (3)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (5)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (6)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (7)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (8)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (9)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (15)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (13)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (11)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (10)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (14)

PWP Studio - Client Annual Meeting 2013 (12)


Shooting Just The Decor

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I was shocked today when one of my fav event industry friends asked me if I would consider shooting JUST THE DECOR for an amazing event!?


Clearly I have not been doing my job because decor photography is one of the core offerings of our business – probably 20% of what we do!!

We shoot the decor shots many of our event industry vendor friends use for awards and sales/marketing materials – we are frequently hired separately in addition to the primary photographer for the event!

We have custom packages set up just for our industry where our vendor friends can gain fully licensed images for their business at a fraction of the cost of hiring me on a retail basis.

Curious about what that looks like? See below. Curious about how it works – GIVE US A CALL!!!!!! [+1 678-457-4578]

Beautiful outdoor setup

blue lighting plus decor

Food table setup

Christmas decor - 2012

Flower vase

Signature Slushies

Overhead shot of an event

Decor Photography 117

decor photography 116

Wine Cellar Event Setup

Phoenix 2012

Dinner Setup

Finger Foods at Maui

Pink Power Moms at High Museum

Casino Night at WOCC

Decor Photography - great purple lighting

Welcome to Miami, a post by PDub

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Just wanted to share a little about the GREAT time I had down in Miami recently, photographing the HD Boutique (now known as HD Americas). It was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center–just a few blocks away from the heart of South Beach.

The “HD” stands for “Hospitality Design” and it’s basically a trade show for the designers of boutique properties in the hospitality world: hoteliers, general managers, interior design firms, architects, and everyone in between. There were seminars on everything from collaborating effectively on a large project to the design inspiration to the themes from famous designers and the famous spaces they created. I was able to see quite a few different design trends in the industry, and a whole lot of eye candy in the form of furniture and fixtures!

I came out from behind the curtain to share my experience with you because I really loved photographing this event…boutique design is my jam. If you put clean lines, crazy fabrics, textures, animal prints, and stark contrasting design elements from an eclectic mix of periods and influences — there I am!

My affinity for this type of design came to me quite honestly: my Uncle Jim is a fantastic interior designer. Throughout his life he purchased amazing historic homes and transformed them into modern design showpieces. The three most memorable properties of his that I remember were the home he and his wife built (complete with mirrored walls, black hardwood floors, an eight person marble hot tub in the master bath with the 5-foot chandelier over it), the bed-and-breakfast he created in the late 90’s (with an actual car–a Thunderbird–coming out of the wall above the kitchen sink and a larger than life size sarcophagus guarding the main staircase), and finally, an old filling station he renovated into a personal abode that was featured on HGTV! Not bad for a guy with no formal training living in L.A.! (That’s “Lower Alabama” not Los Angeles!!) He was a tremendous influence on my “eye” and so walking into the HD Boutique in South Beach was not just an exciting shoot for me, I was waxing nostalgic over fond memories of seeing the over-the-top designs in my younger years.

During the day we spent most of our time in the convention center at classes for new designers, existing designers, and for the vendors catering to the hospitality market. During the evening is when the fun really started…fabulous parties hosted at the most design-centric fabulous venues in Miami! We were treated to a wonderful event the first night at Lantao Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel.


The second night was a CityScene sponsored party at the W. Hotel South Beach:


And the final night event (my personal favorite) was hosted at The Light Group’s FDR, acclaimed underground speakeasy style club situated in the basement of the famous design icon, the Delano.



Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe the whole experience and Uncle Jim has already volunteered to assist me next year!



Georgia Dome Disco Divas

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This party is really once in a lifetime: a GIGANTIC disco party inside the Georgia Dome! A couple thousand friends got together, and thanks to the creative vision of The Kuki Design Group out of New York and Los Angeles, assembled a team of nationwide lighting designers and Atlanta’s best event decorators. Check out how they customized every detail to be unique, and provided great interactive entertainment!



The laser lighting was truly impressive, and a great way to highlight the evening’s performers: Grammy winning Disco legend Thelma Houston with The Voice contestant and Broadway Star Frenchie Davis singing hits of today and of course some old-fashioned 70’s funk! Speaking of “old-fashioned”…


The Eventscapes team created these awesome custom disco themed centerpieces…for our younger readers, that square thing is an 8-track cassette! They also got creative with the flowers, choosing instead to use some funky disco balls:


We are so glad that CCP Events gave us a call for this gigantic party. There was tons of entertainment…a casino, go-go dancers, a killer DJ, and all of the drinks were served from behind custom built bars. Everywhere you looked there was something unique!





At this event teamwork was key…not only for the hosts, but for us! It took four different PWP Studio photographers to cover this awesome party, taking photos of all the incredible decor and then our signature event photography: pictures of guests having FUN!

You might wonder, “How did a few thousand people ALL have retro outfits and psychedelic wigs in their costume closets?” But one of the best parts of this interactive event was the costume tent! Guests were able to play dress up and hustle the night away on the dance floor.



Now it’s your turn! Comment and tell us about the best theme party you ever attended. Bonus points if you can post photos of PWP Studio employees wearing afro wigs.



Fiery Florals and Fun at Opera’s Atlanta Event Center

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If you’ve ever gone out for a night on the town in Georgia’s capital, you probably know that Opera is one of Atlanta’s hottest nightclubs. But did you know that you can host your own private club at Opera? That’s right– they do events as well. The Atlanta Event Center at Opera is able to host up to 1,000 guests, and they have in-house catering as well. Their fabulous event sales manager Lindsay Smith gave PWP Studio a call to photograph a fundraiser with the Metro Atlanta Chamber.


The buffets were as attractive as they were delicious, and accented perfectly by the unique floral arrangements. Those particular tulips are called “Flaming Parrot” and were brought in just for the occasion!

Gorgeous, right? Now you might ask yourself, “Self…why did the Atlanta Event Center at Opera want to use FLAMING parrot tulips in particular?” Well, after the incredible performance by the aerialists on silks…


…there was a little bit of FLAMING fire action on the stage!!


This was the first event in this space to have pyrotechnics, and we think it came out AWESOME! Thanks so much for having us there to capture photos of this fun fire, Lindsay!