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TPS Report on PWP Employee Performance, Evaluations, and Promotions

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So, we have a couple of employees that have been promoted recently. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize them publicly…

First, we will start with Charlie Williams.

Charlie started with the company just a few short months ago, and thanks to an unwavering enthusiasm for current management, he has already moved up through the ranks to the official roll of GM, or Glee Midget.

Secondly, I would like to give a formal nod to Murphy Williams.

Murphy has been with us for four years now, but it isn’t until the past year when he has truly shown us his talents in completely derailing all office efficiency. He is a master of partially resolving issues, reorganizing workspaces, loud outbursts, and flying trains or planes into walls. For these – and many other – learned and intangible skills, he has recently been promoted to DOD, or Director of Distraction.

If you see these employees wandering through the halls, stop them, pat them on the back, change their diaper, wipe their noses, and commend them for doing an excellent job.