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October 2016

Shoes + PWP = Perfection

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Odd mix – shoes and event photography, eh? Really though, it is a perfect analogy! You see, picking the right shoe to wear to your event is very similar to picking the right photographer to capture it.


Heels, platforms, straps, colors, and materials are to shoes what lenses, cameras, clothes, and lighting are to photographers – we each have a different set-up for a different purpose. Just like you would not want to be ‘seen’ wearing tennis shoes to a formal event, the sports photographer guy with the sideline vest, khakis, and GIGANTIC ‘lens on a stick’ will be equally unimpressive.

There are as many types of shoes in the world as there are purposes to wear them – running shoes, runway shoes, wedding shoes, snowshoes, and the list goes on and on and on. There is no one shoe that is made perfectly for every situation, and the exact same is true of photographers. There are sports photographers, fashion photographers, wedding photographers, nature photographers, and the list goes on and on and on.

Our specific set-up is for events, and here are a few examples of why that is important to you:
1. Will Smith is a god in our camp because we wear black, too. No aliens that we know of – we do it to minimize our distraction while we are in the wings, up front, and moving around the event.
2. Our lighting is selected for onsite speed; actually called speedlights! They are small, portable, powerful, and run off batteries. No giant softboxes at your event. No electrical cords running across the floor to create a liability. No time delays to set them up and break them down.
3. Our lenses are selected for versatility. We use all professional zoom lenses: one lens does the job of three! Because of our lens choice, we move efficiently – carrying as little gear as possible and stopping to change it as infrequently as possible. That also means are capturing as much as possible. Plus, I like to think our efficiency helps creativity last longer on those 8a-10p shooting assignments.
4. Using the equipment and lighting listed above – we work quickly. Where most photographers in most disciplines will set up for hours or even days to capture one great image, we are more familiar with, ‘hey photo-guy, the timeline has changed and you only have five minutes before guests arrive to get your set-up shots’ pace.
5. Our clients are planners, sales managers, designers, and production folk – none of them have a shortage of tasks to complete or fewer than 200 bases to cover. Our entire booking process is set up with respect to their time – and yours.

When all is said and done, think of PWP like a fab pair of black pumps: too conservative for the club, too cool for the office, just right for the event, AND comfortable enough to wear all day! We are the perfect fit for your event!