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January 2014

JCN: Are Your Employees Informed and Involved?

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I had the extreme pleasure recently of shooting an event for the Job Creators Network. This organization, or initiative depending on how you want to look at it, was put together by one of my favorite people, Bernie Marcus and is led by Alfredo Ortiz, President of JCN. The concept is very simple: create a positive environment where employees can be educated on what legislation means to them within the framework of their personal lives and employment.

At least, that is what I took away from the meeting.

You see, there are many people (business leaders, political figures, etc.) whom are very concerned about the future of our country. The laws and taxes our government has been putting in place for years are the main concern. Now, this is not a political statement of any kind leaning one way or the other, it is merely an observation and assessment. There is a broad opinion amongst the “haves” that the future of our country is not as bright these days as it once was. I stood in the middle of a room full of people whom had more money than they should ever need; the fascinating part of it was the fact that they were all gathered with the intention of helping their employees gain a better future!

The common belief is that people are smart enough to do the right thing. Another common belief is that our government has made understanding the complicated legislation almost impossible. That puts a lot of people going to the polls with an unclear understanding of what they are voting for – outside of a personal brand, party affiliation, or campaign identity of the candidate.

One of the core purposes of the Job Creators Network is to educate employees on what the laws mean in the real world: how it affects their job, their income taxes, their opportunities for lending, their opportunities for healthcare, and so many other topics that are personally significant to individuals. The belief is, if you are dealing with a group of people smart enough to make their own decisions and you give them the facts in terms they can actually understand, they will act/vote in positive manner for their/our future. So many employers are being ridiculed for how they treat their employees when it is the legislation that is driving the changes in the workplace. If employees were to understand that it isn’t the employer that is mandating the changes, but legislation that is binding the employers to take action – the belief is that employees would vote for their best interests, understand where the changes originate, and the workplace would be a more positive environment!

At the end of the day, many of these accomplished professionals have toiled for many years of their own lives to build or better an organization, they recognize that the people working for their companies are the greatest asset of the companies, and are all very much motivated to help these employees have a future. I have to be honest: most of my days are spent in long meetings were groups of people discuss how to make more money, how to market better, how to influence purchasing behaviors, how to gain market share, how to increase ROI, how to innovate, how to increase efficiency, and all of the other money-driven topics of big corporations. It was so refreshing to stand in the midst of a group of incredibly accomplished individuals whom were present with one singular interest in mind: making the future of our country better at all costs.

I support this group, if you happen to be in any position to do so, I would strongly suggest you look into becoming a participant in this organization!

*Please note, Bernie had to teleconference in due to a medical condition preventing him from flying. He probably apologized a dozen times for not being present! #lovethatguy