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July 2013

What do Leather and Motorcycles Have to do with The Best $100 I Ever Spent!?

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Gary Adams and his wonderful wife, Kathy, are great friends of ours and of the studio. Gary was our studio manager many moons ago, and we have remained great friends since. In addition to being friends of ours, he is also a military veteran, a photo buff, and a strong supporter of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Patriot Guard RidersPatriot Guard Riders

I noticed a very interesting story on Gary’s Facebook page not so long ago — it was an inspiring story about Cpl. Todd Love, a triple amputee and recent recipient of a “smart home”. You can find out more about the Smart home here. These homes are provided to veterans whom have been catastrophically injured while serving their country! It is an amazing program set up for amazing people whom have paid a hefty price to defend our freedom.

Cpl. Love was not happy to just receive one of the homes and disappear into happily ever after — he made it his mission to raise money so other brave service members could benefit. Of course, Gary participated in this effort on Cpl. Love’s team and posted a general solicitation for support on Facebook.

That is where I come into the story!  I had heard that my “old” friend had signed up for a 5K to support the cause, and I made an offer to Gary that he couldn’t refuse – read more about it on the Warning Order he sent to the Patriot Guard Riders requesting assistance.



1. Situation.

a.  Enemy Forces: None
b.  Friendly Forces:  Patriot Guard Riders / American Legion Riders and anyone and everyone who is committed to honoring the Men & Women of this Great Nation who has stood in the gap to protect our families and friends from those who would wish us harm!
c.  Attachments and Detachments.  There are no Attachments or Detachments.  As far as I’m concerned, anyone who continues to stand when Old Glory passes by, salutes or places their hand over their heart when they  hear the Star Spangled Banner, I consider them Family!  For those that pray for the safety of our Armed Forces as they serve in the far corners of this world, I consider them Family!  For those who respects and honors the officers dressed in Blue as they protect us here on American soil, I consider them family.  For those who admire & support the firefighters as they put their lives on the line to protect us and our belongings from disaster, I consider Family!  And finally, the Emergency Medical Technicians who fight valiantly to preserve our lives when we or our loved ones encounter a medical emergency, I consider them Family!

2.  Mission.

b.  My mission is to raise funds to help those who suffered catastrophic casualties while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan to someday be able to live in a “smart home.”  I am a member of Corporal Todd Love’s Team.  As a result of an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan, CPL Love is a triple amputee.  He is or will be a recipient of a smart home.  CPL Love is not content to “receive” a smart home, he is on a mission to raise funds so that others can also lead a more normal life. Please watch:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3K2amZ7_aE
c.  I have a good friend by the name of Patrick Williams.  Patrick is a world class photographer and he is the owner of Atlanta’s premiere “event photography” business, PWP Studio.   I had the pleasure of working with him for close to a year.  Patrick pledged $10 for this worthy cause which I am extremely grateful.  HOWEVER, Patrick told me that if I WOULD RUN IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE IN FULL LEATHER GEAR WITH A MOTORCYCLE ESCORT…. he will increase the $10 to $100.00.  So…. I need HELP!

3.  Execution.

a.  Date of my mighty run:  Saturday, July 13, 2013.

b.  Staging area: QUICK TRIP located at I-85 & Pleasantdale Road

c.  Staging Time:  0930 hrs. (9:30 am)
d.  Kick Stand UP (KSU): 0955 hrs (9:55 am),  Quick Trip is approximately 2 miles from Patrick’s home.

 4.  Service Support.

a.  I will provide water / soda’s at Patrick’s home upon successful completion of my run the length of his property line.
b.  If anyone could bring some flags, sure would be nice to prep his yard with a bunch of American Flags!!!
c.  Dolores Thrash can bring your ambulance if it’s available.  I might need oxygen, air conditioning, fluids etc. to bring me back to life.
d.  A motorcycle with a loud sound system playing “gung ho” music might help me make it the length of his property…. Just sayin…..
e.  Large flags would be GREAT!!

 5.  Command and Signal.

a.  The Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer will be said prior to the start of the mission.  Should I complete the run I will be saying a private prayer of “thanks” at the conclusion of the run.

b.  For those who plan on going to the HOTH mission at the VA Center at Clairmont on Saturday, this would be a great opportunity to do two great missions in a short period of time.  Following this escapade, it’s a short ride to to the VA Center!!!
c.  Seriously, anybody that can come by and help me out on this mission, I will be eternally grateful.  In fact, if you participate I will give you a 30 day grace period in which I won’t post any embarrassing photo’s of you!!!
d.   Donations can be made at the following link: https://www.t2trun.org/campaign/display/profile.do?campaignId=16682


This past Saturday – guess who went running by my house in full leathers with a full motorcycle escort, sirens screaming, engines roaring, and neighbors wondering,

“What the hell is all that noise, and why is that old biker dude running down the street with a flag?!”






I had promised him a $100 donation if he ran down the street in full leathers with a motorcycle escort, but little did I know, one of the folks in the Patriot Guard Riders told him they would donate another $200 if he turned around and ran right back up the hill!



It was an incredible day and incredible gesture! I met some really colorful characters with huge hearts wrapped in black leather – and all of us would love to raise $1000 for Gary, Cpl. Todd Love, and all of the service members who have given so much to protect us!

**Will you click the link and make a donation??**

—> https://www.t2trun.org/campaign/display/profile.do?campaignId=16682 <—

 I can’t promise a ‘drive by’ in full leathers, but I promise you will feel amazingly good about spending that $100!






Thank you,

Who would ever want to be seen in this place?!

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I would!

The venue for the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 50th birthday was The Metropolitan Night Club, and it was AWESOME!

We were in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Kitchen and Bath Industry show and among all the venues we visited, The Metropolitan stood out. It is what you would expect and more from the home of Jazz and the city also known as The Big Easy.

The Metropolitan is a two-story warehouse that turns into the premiere video night club of New Orleans, offering two music formats to its customers in two rooms, by celebrity DJs. Guests can also watch the shows from one of the 5 projectors and 7 flat screen TVs. I could go on an on, but these pictures tell it better —


2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers 


This last photo wasn’t taken on the same spot as The Metropolitan, but it shows an amazing view of New Orleans at night.

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers