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August 2012

More About Jobs!

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If you want to learn more about the experience of being an intern at PWP Studio, check out Amanda’s story in the new category on the menu above!

If you’re looking to get paid while working for PWP, check out our post below– we’re hiring!



Bored with your current gig? Good news – PWP Studio is hiring!

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It is true – we are headed into busy season with a full plate and we need some solid help with image post-production! We want someone ready to hit the ground running and be available to process anywhere from 1000 to 5,000 images per week. Culling, color correction, cropping, renaming, and resizing are the primary responsibilities – with an occasional layered file if we bracket exposures or a clone stamp to remove an artifact. We hire top-notch photographers to capture solid images with a creative ‘eye’, and the creativity in our workflow is in the selection of images. You must have ‘the eye’ to recognize the difference between an okay shot and a great shot! After selection, the rest of the job is simply to “make them look good, and make them look gone”.

Do’s and Don’ts
– We don’t require creative ‘editing’ (no sepia or b/w conversion, pixel pushing, or art pieces).
– We do have a portrait retoucher on staff to handle retouching, so that skill is not required (but is useful if you have it!)
– We do have an office manager to handle physical deliverables.
– We don’t usually shoot raw – our workflow is based on JPEG.
– We do function out of the cloud, so transportation is not required; this is a ‘work from home with a stout Internet connection’ kind of job.
– We do prefer someone to be in the Atlanta metro area in case physical movement of files (for large multi-shooter events) needs to happen.
– We do require you have a color calibrated monitor, image sorting software, and image editing software. Photo Mechanic and Photoshop products are a plus in our world.
– We DO require someone capable of scheduling their time in an efficient and professional manner. We have fairly tight deadlines with our clients which translate to fairly tight deadlines for our production.
– We do everything we can to make certain you have plenty of lead time on jobs and can schedule your workload accordingly.
– We don’t handle blown deadlines very well. #justsayin’
– We don’t require someone with stellar phone skills

What is cool about this job:
– Cool is looking at photos all day!
– Cool is when those photos are of sensational events, pretty people, stellar venues, exotic destinations, annnd the occasional drunk.
– Cool is working with fun creative people all over the world!
– Cool is having 24/7 access to a team of great photography mentors, if you are into that.
– Cool is having the freedom to manage your own schedule and your own time. What time of the day or night you work is of no concern to us as long as the deadline comes and the work is finished.
– Cool is working in your pajamas…at your house…with your cat. ZERO client interaction – no complaints, no customer service, and no calls. You ARE the wizard behind the curtain!!

As far as money is concerned, this position will range between $10 – 20 an hour depending on your speed/experience with sorting and editing software. Some weeks we will require five or six hours, and some weeks during peak time it may jump to 20 or more hours.

Want to know more, or have someone in mind?? GET IN TOUCH!!
Patrick and the PWP Studio Team

Jobs and Champagne

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Who is this lovely lady?

Our summer intern, Amanda! Amanda wanted to share a little bit more about internships…and champagne.

A self-described “communications major with a little artistic pizzazz [and] a graphic design student that loves to write and create” she saw PWP Studio’s “off the wall” job posting and just had to see what all the fuss was about. She was first introduced to the studio while PWP still photographed weddings (Patrick took the pictures for her sister’s big day!) and never thought she “would be jamming to cool jazz in his studio while looking at awesome images, researching and writing to get him more famous, or learning how to open a bottle of champagne with a sword.  Yes, that last little ditty was actually in my job description!”

That’s right. Boss-man promised right there in the job description that he’d teach the intern how to sabre a champagne bottle open. Since we have more camera equipment than swords lying around, he made do with a kitchen knife:

Our awesome office manager Melanie took over photo-taking duties, while PW’s fam looked on.

Murphy had a blast pouring out the bubbles!

If you want to watch it live and in person with a real sword, head on over to the St. Regis Hotel Buckhead here in Atlanta. It’s how they pop the cork for their daily toast at 6pm!

Thanks for a wonderful summer Amanda, and to those who also have champagne wishes– stay tuned for  more info about internships with PWP…