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May 2012

How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

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Wait…wedding photographer? Haven’t we told you that PWP Studio only does corporate events now and after we finished up with our last few clients, we said goodbye to weddings forever? Yes, but having been one of the premiere wedding photography studios in the greater Atlanta area means that we still get requests from time to time. Recently, our head honcho (that would be Patrick Williams) got an email from a friend, wondering if Joe Schmoe* would be a good choice. And since PW is a real nice guy, a former amazing wedding photographer, and loves to give folks quality advice, he highlighted 3 important considerations when choosing your photographer:

1.) Pick someone with experience.

“Joe Schmoe’s* website looks thin on weddings: I see two weddings and a handful of wedding-related-but-not-his-photographs blog posts in the past year. His Portfolio section doesn’t have a wedding gallery, and his wedding slide show has about 10 images and half of them seem to be from the same wedding.

My advice for dealing with him and every other wedding photographer she interviews is simple: people are still people and portfolios are useless these days. Ask to meet in person AND to see an entire wedding the person has shot in the past six months.”

Which brings us to the next point.

2.) Ask for proof of comprehensive coverage.

“Entire wedding. Not a slide show. Not a movie. Not an album. Not a highlight gallery. Certainly not a portrait session as a substitute. Ask for an ENTIRE 300-500 image wedding from start to finish. You may want to ask for this and deal with the delays, ho-hums, “it will be a couple of days”, and such BEFORE you meet in person. No need to fall in love with someone that can’t prove their proficiency in their craft.”

And speaking of meeting in person…

3.) Hire someone you like.

“The personal connection is vital – if you can’t sit and talk with your photographer for an hour and enjoy it, think about what it will be like to spend the entire wedding day within 10 feet of this person. Even if you have to meet their assistant for the consultation, insist on meeting the actual camera toter…You should ‘click’…instantly and famously. If you do ‘click’, you will enjoy the hell out of your day with this person! “

So, in conclusion…

“You can fudge 20-40 strong portfolio images from a wedding for a highlight of some sort and hire someone to relate to your clients better than you do, but it is much harder to fudge ‘start to finish’ coverage and a personality in person!”

And if you’re looking for a corporate photographer… we can assure you that PWP is an experienced studio, that offers full  coverage, and has VERY likeable photographers! Those of you looking for a “like”-able wedding photographer, send us a message on Facebook (or comment with your e-mail address) and we’ll refer you to some of our favorites.

“Hope this helps!” — Patrick

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

We found the Fountain of Youth…in Puerto Rico!

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At PWP Studio we’re known for our love of travel, so when our pals at East Coast Entertainment offered us a chance to photograph an incentive trip to Puerto Rico– we were on board! For three days we were spoiled at the El San Juan Resort and Casino, the site of some of the most dazzling beaches in PR, and hottest nightclubs! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

To introduce their award winning hospitality and welcome the guests, the El San Juan Resort set up a tantalizing welcome dinner, complete with entertaining steel drum performances.

During the next day, guests were given an opportunity to play volleyball in a tournament staged on the beach.


Of course, because this was an incentive trip, we had to celebrate employee performances– and what better way than with an awards dinner? Not only does El San Juan Resort have the perfect ambiance for the event, but they entertain, as well! The “Gentleman Thief” was too much fun.

Of course, relaxation is one of the main reasons to vacation in Puerto Rico. The resort is surrounded by 15 lush acres of rain forest, and on our hike we learned some spa history, for instance: when the Spanish Conquistadors landed there, the native Taino people told them about the healing properties of the hot springs…in other words, the famed fountain of youth! So we made like Ponce de Leon, and explored our way through (and up!) the trees toward the Yokahu Tower observation point.






Our trip came to end with a beachfront farewell dinner, complete with local bands and dancers in full costume. San Juan really knows how to have a good time! In fact, the El San Juan Resort and Casino is host to Club BRAVA and Ultra Lounge— the premiere nightclub in Puerto Rico! On the weekends (starting Thursday) even the lobby is packed with club-goers looking for a place to simultaneously chill out and dance the night away.





Big thanks to East Coast Entertainment for having us as part of their team. And if you’re interested in the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico, you can “like” El San Juan Resort on Facebook for up-to-date information on their events and specials!


Today’s Version of the “Virtual Office”….

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As a corporate event photographer, I get to visit some pretty places…it is true. Some days we ‘win the lottery’ and get to enjoy our leisure time and sometimes the most fun we have is finding the coolest place available to “virtual office”. Hey, it is peak time in the events industry and we are crazy busy, so this day is an office day!

Thanks to ‘the cloud’ and all the web app tools we implemented in the past 14 months, heading into the studio  – as a completely functional remote “office” – requires three things: relative quiet (distant waterfalls are ok –  helicopters not so much), WiFi, and a power outlet…and that is all. Let me repeat, “that is all” so you can let that sink in. No walls. Table optional. Screw the printer.  Coffee is a bonus…as is a beach umbrella.

Today, my office is set up at “Humu’s” – an iconic Maui restaurant on property here at the Grand Wailea Resort. I am the only one here as they are only open for dinner (or for our incentive group breakfast), so I have the WHOLE place to myself…solid WiFi…everything I need is available, and the best part?

Check out the wallpaper in my “office” today….

Do You Want to Increase Traffic at your Trade Expo Booth?

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If you were in Atlanta for the 2012 Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo then you were probably also lucky enough to attend some of the social events and after-parties as well. The Cavagna Group hosted a night of schmoozing at the Georgia Aquarium after hours. For those of you not in the “propane and propane accessories” industry (get your King of the Hill jokes out now, folks) Cavagna are providers of advanced solutions for gas control. (And we are not talking about flatulence. We know how you think.)

To get the word out about their incredible propane products and accessories, and boost foot traffic to their booth in the expo, they called upon the awesome photography skills of PWP Studio! It works like this: a modeling agency is contracted to bring in some beautiful ladies to tote mobile displays of propane gas regulators and other various hardware devices. While they are mixing and mingling with the guests at the party, PWP is capturing great images– of guests, of models with guests, and of folks generally having fun and eating good food.



MMMM, Wolfgang Puck Catering at the Georgia Aquarium always makes such delish desserts! Yummy!)

Now here comes the smart part…we all know that PWP Studio could certainly do on-site printing and send guests home with their photos that same night. However, to encourage a relationship with their guests and increase foot traffic…Cavagna makes the pictures available at their convention booth the next day! This is the third year that we’ve used this particular solution, and we always get rave positive reviews.



How cool is that bar with the brand identity built right in? The decor and gorgeous bar set-ups were the work of our friends at Your Event Solution. PWP Studio loves providing a solution to a problem, and we think that photos from the previous night’s party was a great way for Cavagna to increase their booth traffic!