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March 2012

3 Ideas on how to Properly Display your Brand in Events

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Pulling-off a fun and memorable event is only half the battle. An event must also promote the brand and create brand recall. The most basic way to do this is to simply display your brand or logo in an event.

I know this is easier said than done. We’ve all been to events where the company logo was splattered everywhere and you might also attend some events where you had no clue who was running the show due to the lack of logos anywhere.

We recently covered an event on the Atlanta Event Center at the Opera which gave us the inspiration for this post. Here are the three things that our client did right that you can also apply to your events:

1. Don’t use boring banners and flyers

Check out this cool ice sculpture and GOBO projected on the dance floor.

GOBO Projector on the Dance Floor
2. Be Strategic in your Placement
Notice that the ice sculpture and GOBO above were placed in key high traffic areas without being too distracting.

3. Give out freebies with your brand/logo
Freebies are a wonderful way to have your brand and event remembered long after the event; specially if you give out something useful.

And here are a few of our decor and food setup shots from that night.


BONUS IDEA: They also had interactive food stations where guests can choose their own entrees and side dishes to create their own custom plate. It’s not just a buffet and the items are being prepared as they were ordered.


Join the PWP Studio Team

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Are you bored? Under-utilized? Over-sanitized? Looking for the next awesome thing in your life? Do you like popcorn? Wait, popcorn…?

Uhh, never mind popcorn, but do focus on the prize – PWP Studio is officially hunting a new INTERN!!

Candidates must be:
– fluent in the language of positivity
– available at least 10 hours per week
– capable of walking/rolling/dragging their own weight 1/3 mile from the studio to the nearest Marta station if they do not have reliable transportation.
– able to learn

Tasks expected:
– looking at pretty pictures all day
– general correspondence (answering phones, emailing, writing thank you notes, mailing letters)
– prepping/organizing for shoots (gear, instructions, directions, etc)
– handling stuff when stuff needs to get handled (you know, stuff stuff)

We will teach the right person how to:
– take AMAZING IMAGES IN AMAZING PLACES, if that is your thing.
– run/grow a creative business in a competitive economy
– meet, dazzle, and work with the best and the brightest in the events industry
– do all the things they never taught in school
– open champagne with a sword.
– make a small business run like a big business using technology and the global work force.
– use Photo Mechanic, Photoshop, Google Apps, Manymoon, PC, and Nikon like a whiz kid.
– appreciate the value in working for peanuts and knowledge.

Although this is a photography studio and we are capable of teaching you about every nuance of digital photography – this internship is not just for the budding photographers you may know (or BE). If you are into marketing, small biz management, technology, or just want to get your foot in the door at the top of the event industry – our TEAM uses the latest technology, works with the best vendors in the world for the biggest/best clients in the world, and travels the world while we do it!

Touch base with us and have references ready – we won’t even consider you if you haven’t WOW’ed at least one other person.

Team Building with Tribal Drums

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The folks at Corporate Events Unlimited are at it again. We were out in the sun with them last time, this time we covered a corporate team building event for them held at night.

The venue was stunning…
Outside Decor Shot


the décor was spectacular…

Table Setup for the Event

and the food was spot-on…


What made this event really special was the activity that night.

Every person was given a drum to play with to communicate non-verbally and foster unity through music; reminiscent of native tribe rituals and celebrations where the whole community gathers around a campfire.


The amazing and talented team from Drum Café led the night as they guided the company to become a tribe that embraces individual diversity and leadership.

Drum Cafe team leading the tribe

Drums are fun

Having fun at Summerour for a team building event

Raise the Roof!