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September 2011

Bee’s Knees Party At A Swanky Speakeasy!

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PWP Studio, and other event sponsors, helped the AFR Event Furnishings 1st Annual Showcase and Networking Event hit on all the sixes last September 8. The AFR Furniture Rental was absolutely putting on the Ritz, at the 1920’s inspired grand opening kick-off party, with its first-rate furniture and snazzy decor. Furniture rental experts and special events top dogs flocked the swanky speakeasyThe Venetian Room.

Some food and a little chitchat…

…plus barrels of giggle water later and everyone was having a lot of fun.


The other sponsors, besides PWP Studio, who contributed to the event’s success:

Glorious Events Catering

Rainforest Foliage Décor & Rentals


Grey Goose

Avalanche Entertainment

Next Cut Entertainment

Bold American Events


I Do Linens

Extraordinaire Affairs & Events

SE Events

Perfect Wedding Cake

Button It Up


Savvi Formalwear


Unique Event Management


Hospitality Source Group




TPS Report on PWP Employee Performance, Evaluations, and Promotions

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So, we have a couple of employees that have been promoted recently. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize them publicly…

First, we will start with Charlie Williams.

Charlie started with the company just a few short months ago, and thanks to an unwavering enthusiasm for current management, he has already moved up through the ranks to the official roll of GM, or Glee Midget.

Secondly, I would like to give a formal nod to Murphy Williams.

Murphy has been with us for four years now, but it isn’t until the past year when he has truly shown us his talents in completely derailing all office efficiency. He is a master of partially resolving issues, reorganizing workspaces, loud outbursts, and flying trains or planes into walls. For these – and many other – learned and intangible skills, he has recently been promoted to DOD, or Director of Distraction.

If you see these employees wandering through the halls, stop them, pat them on the back, change their diaper, wipe their noses, and commend them for doing an excellent job.






Join PWP Studio at the 6th Annual Aqua Vino at the Georgia Aquarium!

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Can we interest you in some wine? 🙂

The 6th Annual Aqua Vino will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2011, in the Oceans Ballroom of the Georgia Aquarium.

We’d love for you to join us!

VIP Tasting includes:

Red carpet arrival and admission  for two (2) at 6 p.m.
Media splash photo op with celebrity hosts
VIP Lounge access (featuring reserved wines, premium cheeses and exclusive access to Behind the Scenes Tours)
Signature Aqua Vino wine glass
More than 200 wines and Atlanta’s premier restaurants

Grand Tasting includes:

Admission for one at 7 p.m.
A signature Aqua Vino wine glass
Opportunity to enjoy over 200 wines and Atlanta’s top restaurants


6th Annual Aqua Vino at Georgia Aquarium

Exclusively yours for one night only:More than 200 fine wines from around the globe
More than 30 of Atlanta’s top restaurants
Thousands of amazing animals
Two auctions, live music and much more!Event proceeds support animal care, research and veterinary training through the Correll Center for Aquatic Animal Health.
Georgia Aquarium is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

6 p.m.VIP Tasting – $750 per couple
7 p.m. Grand Tasting – $200 per person
Champagne Patron – $1,000 (Receives two VIP Tasting tickets and listing
in Aqua Vino program)To learn more and purchase tickets, visit www.georgiaaquarium.org/aquavino
or call 404.581.4000.

Attire: Cocktail Chic

Attendees must be at least 21 years old.

Ensure that you always receive the latest news from the Georgia Aquarium. Add the e-mail address “tickets@georgiaaquarium.org” to your address book or personal whitelist.This email was sent to: patrick@pwpstudio.com


For more info and to get tickets, please visit: Georgia Aquarium – 6th Annual Aqua Vino



Techie Talk – The Nikon Flash System’s Secret Weapon

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I don’t often post technical help articles here on the blog, but I took the time to type this to one of my fantastic photographers – and thought maybe just maybe one of you fine folks out there in the interwebbiesphere might enjoy reading it as well…

Aperture automatic is Nikon’s secret weapon that makes its flash system superior to Canon’s (IMHO)!

With TTL the camera takes a meter reading of light reflecting off of the subject to gauge how much light is needed from the flash. When you are shooting a subject that is dressed in all black, that black will soak up a lot of light thus sending back an incorrect reading to the camera. The result: too much light is provided by the flash and the face/skin tones in the frame are over exposed. Similarly, when the subject is dressed in all white (highly reflective), the camera receives back too much light and shuts down the flash prematurely leaving the frame overall underexposed.

With aperture automatic (noted by “A” or “AA” flash mode), the flash puts out a standard amount of light based on the focus (distance to the subject), the ISO, and the aperture – no matter what kind of light reading comes off of the subject. That means it does not matter what the predominant color of the subject happens to be – the flash will be consistent and automatically changed when those three variables are modified on the camera.

Aperture automatic is the step in between manual and TTL – it takes be often incorrect “thinking” out of the camera and eliminates that variance.

When I shoot with gels on my flash, I will

PWP Studio Images Featured on the Active Times!

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Active Times is the newsletter of Active Production and Design, Inc., a production company specializing in audio visual services for association, social and corporate events. Having our images featured in their newsletter is really something, so we’ve plucked those two bits from their newsletter to show them to you.

A shot of the venue before the guests arrived at the Wrestlemania VIP Event was the first image featured. Below is the snippet from the Active Times: