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April 2011

Fantastic Event for CIBA and Your Event Solution

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PWP Studio was recently invited to capture the decor and overall event set-up for a spectacular event at the Marriott Marquis…

Thanks to our friends at YES for trusting us to capture their amazing event, to Ben for doing a smashing job with the photography, and to Peter for the back-end post production wizardry! Our team came together for some great images form this event!

PWP Studio = Full-time Photography or Weekend Warrior?

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Often enough, someone asks if we are full time event photographers or if we have a day job (one actually said, “real job” to which I replied, “If by ‘real’ you mean real boring – no, but I do own a company where real people use real cameras and attend parties for a living.”)  I don’t quite know why some of our new clients ask this question, but since it comes up it is worth addressing.

[Verrry] Generally, ‘paid photographers’ fall into two categories: hobbyists with a great camera, and full-time professionals. A hobbyist with a great camera is someone with a good salary, or well-paid spouse, to support their equipment habit, or someone with a lot of debt on a credit card (and this genre usually has one good lens). The pro photographer community calls those folks ‘weekend warriors’. The Weekend Warriors will generally shoot just about anything that has a check attached and are a viable option if you need cheap photography. They only need to support their hobby – the bills are paid elsewhere.

They satisfy a need in the marketplace, but just remember: they don’t do this all the time and it isn’t their core income source. That means they may not have the experience you want to get the results when the stakes are high, and they probably can’t drop everything to help you with your problem on Tuesday morning. Said in another way, don’t call them during normal business hours because they can’t take personal calls at work… call them during lunch and hope they don’t take the same lunch as you.

[Nothing negative implied here – just a statement I conjured up to be true. Follow my logic – the independently wealthy don’t need to shoot for money; they can just buy the equipment and play with it. The weekend warrior wants to justify or pay for their gear, so they work it nights and weekends and ‘real job’ the remainder. The weekend warrior without a normal job with money to afford $10k in camera gear is like a moose with a purple mohawk – I am sure there is one or two out there, but no stereotype will be started here folks.]

Pro photographers are people whom eat, breathe, pay rent, pay for Starbucks, and support their families by the camera. We pick our passions, focus on a corresponding discipline, and become a specialist. We buy gear because it earns (and sometimes the justification is ‘loosey-goosey’ because we DO still love new toys!)

That is us: PWP Studio started in 2002 and has been full time photography since. Me, my studio manager, my lead shooter, my fav five associate shooters, my data manager, and one of my two graphic designers are all dependent on photography for their primary income source.  Corporate event photography is what we do.

You are gonna like that because we do it frequently (we average one event every 33 hours year round) and we do it really really well! We can handle your needs when the ‘wheels fall off’ at your event, and we can be flexible when the timeline changes. Plus, it is worth mentioning: someone is by the phone when you call on a Tuesday morning!!

Packed House at the Hard Rock Atlanta!

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Recently our good friends at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta invited their fav Atlanta event photographers (that would be us!) to capture another great event. This time it was a “full buyout” (that is when the client books the entire space versus just the event space or a back room), and it was a packed house! We were able to get some nice shots of recent renovations to the space including the fantastic stacked stone wall directly behind the band.

Hard Rock is also focused on making certain that you, as guests, have a more personal experience; isn’t THAT refreshing?! They asked me to get some nice shots of the actual staff of the Atlanta store that could be featured in some of their collateral. It is always nice when you’re looking at a website or a marketing piece for a national chain, and walk in the front door to see familiar faces you noticed in your research! You should take a look at some of these familiar faces the next time you visit the Hard Rock here in downtown Atlanta — the characters are colorful and the stories are unique every single time!

The Red Carpet Across Peachtree Street…THE Peachtree Street!

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You won’t likely ever see this again folks…even I was dazzled!

Crescent Hotels and Resorts treated their GM’s and Executive crew to a fine evening of wonderment and VIP fanfare – and this year’s host property, the Georgian Terrace, wasn’t about to let a little ol’ thing like PEACHTREE STREET get in the way of their red carpet fun!! WOWWWW!!!

Even if all we did was photograph small sales events…

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..I might be able to be happy. Me personally, I love to capture sales events. Sales folk are outgoing, friendly, happy to get together for a fun photo, and generally ‘down’ for a good time and witty banter. They are my people! At the root of it all – although my trade is photography and my revenue is generated from the technical ability my team has to capture creative images – my personality is very much that of a salesperson. I relate very well to outgoing confident people whom are comfortable enough with their abilities to hinge their well-being on a commission structure. As the primary salesperson for my studio, I do the same – just on a ridiculously complex commission structure!

 Because of this fondness for sales folk, I had a great time capturing a cocktail hour recently at the Westin Buckhead. The group was Worldwide Express — an affiliate partner with UPS – it was a great small event.

“I know this is short notice but I NEED IT YESTERDAY!”

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We’ve all heard those words before; the reaction can range from sheer panic to merely accepting another challenge.  We received a similar request the other day and – being new here – I was fortunate to observe how a seasoned photographer should respond to a client’s challenge!

Our client needed a “large” print of the skyline of Atlanta – taken at dusk and night – depicting an illuminated landmark that was soon to be removed.  The print was to be used as a gift of appreciation and the time-frame the photograph needed to be taken was…well, 48 hours later would have been too late! We had two nights possible to shoot, and a 30 minute window on each day. Oh, and we were booked four photographers deep on one of those nights!

For many, the response would have simply been, “we can’t meet your expectations given the constraint of time.”  Fortunately for our client, we shifted into high gear (personally I don’t think we ever leave high gear, but that is another story) and began identifying the myriad requirements needed to take this one photograph.  Challenges such as nighttime, skyline, location of landmark in relation to the skyline, weather and more were the topics for our planning.  Once the direction of the shot was calculated, the next step was to gain access to a vantage point from which the photo could be taken.  Sounds simple enough, but have you ever tried to gain access to the roof-top of any of the buildings surrounding Atlanta?  Trust me, it’s not an easy task.

“Bossman” Patrick drew upon his experience and the innumerable contacts he has developed over the years.  A few phone calls were made, building security was notified and the next thing we knew, he was on the roof of one of Atlanta’s tall buildings creating a work of art.

When the print was hand-delivered to Rachel, his client and friend at Coca Cola, she said it best when she said, “In my opinion, the most favorable features a person can have is (1) dependability and (2) a sense of humor….so you are set for life.”

Dependability and a sense of humor – yep, that’s us alright!

– Gary Adams, Studio Manager for PWP Studio

Dolphin-Crazy Photos at the Georgia Aquarium!

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AT&T is the official new sponsor of the brand-new Dolphin exhibit and show at the Georgia Aquarium, and they celebrated with a great “AT&T Day”! Employees and guests of the company were invited to come out and enjoy the day along with some fun experiences – including onsite printing stations provided by the PWP Studio team and a sneak preview of the new Dolphin show!

We had two stations onsite to handle the volume of guests through the ballroom, and each guest was provided a choice of different backgrounds – complete with fun props and general mayhem. Everyone (including my team) had a great time!!