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Shooting Just The Decor

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I was shocked today when one of my fav event industry friends asked me if I would consider shooting JUST THE DECOR for an amazing event!?


Clearly I have not been doing my job because decor photography is one of the core offerings of our business – probably 20% of what we do!!

We shoot the decor shots many of our event industry vendor friends use for awards and sales/marketing materials – we are frequently hired separately in addition to the primary photographer for the event!

We have custom packages set up just for our industry where our vendor friends can gain fully licensed images for their business at a fraction of the cost of hiring me on a retail basis.

Curious about what that looks like? See below. Curious about how it works – GIVE US A CALL!!!!!! [+1 678-457-4578]

Beautiful outdoor setup

blue lighting plus decor

Food table setup

Christmas decor - 2012

Flower vase

Signature Slushies

Overhead shot of an event

Decor Photography 117

decor photography 116

Wine Cellar Event Setup

Phoenix 2012

Dinner Setup

Finger Foods at Maui

Pink Power Moms at High Museum

Casino Night at WOCC

Decor Photography - great purple lighting

Shoot for FREE?? Advice for new-to-the-game photographers…

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Here is some advice for newbies I just heard myself giving yesterday: sometimes, working for free is a good move and sometimes it is not. I did it quite a bit when we started; looking back, some of my greatest clients came as a result of me taking a chance shooting for an ‘opportunity’ instead of money.

There is lots of flash and dazzle in the world, and many people keen on using it to gain free services and favors – often for the very crowd with enough money to spend on decent images! If [when] asked to shoot for ‘no pay’, you should evaluate each opportunity to see if it is legitimate. Ask for the shoot details: what sponsors are involved, what industry vendors are involved, how many guests, VIP’s, and what publications will feature your images, etc.? The answers to those questions will tell you the value of the opportunity to you and your business…or to stay away.

If the sponsors show a consistent appreciation (and investment) in good quality photography, the “new connections” promised will be accessible, the experience is that unbelievable, the exposure is in front of the right crowd (your target audience), or the free food and drink is that good – sure, do it (especially if you are hungry!)

If you are shooting for a client to earn their direct business, only shoot for free ONCE. It should be an opportunity to get your foot in the door and prove you are worth more. Provided you have success on the first shoot and they ask for ‘free’ again, the answer should be a firm ‘no’. They are probably taking advantage and may not value you or your photography!

On the other hand, if you are shooting for free to gain respect, photo credit, awareness of your business, or exposure – only you can be the judge of how many times you snap for free. Did you meet people the first time? Did you get comments or feedback from people with whom you would like to develop relationships? If it was a positive experience with positive outcome for you and your business, go for it!

When it comes to money and the ‘free’ has passed, start the fee structure where you are comfortable providing the level of service and quality value required. Translation: don’t charge $200/hr if you can only provide $25/hr worth of quality and service! Be real – do you have the equipment and the experience to get top $$? Similarly, don’t forget about your post-production work. You are not just charging for your time on the shoot – there are hours on the backend to consider, delivery time and/or fees, expenses like gas, parking and food, clothing for the event attire requirements, and the list goes on.

I hope this helps a little…maybe there will be a book later 😉 Only thing I can promise, what I don’t cover here will be addressed with your future experience!! Now, go forth and shoot!!!

What do Flashes of Hope, PWP Studio, Pigeon Forge, and KEH Camera Brokers have in common??

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Nothing…until now. Let me see if I can get the story unraveled for you…

Jenn and Skip Fletcher were married last year in Pigeon Forge, and Peter and I captured their amazing wedding.


Jenn works for KEH Camera as a camera technician. Among her MANY skills (like photography, tattoo wearing, and having the best DIY wedding decor ideas in the WORLD) is a knack for writing – a skill her employer noticed. KEH started a camera/photographer/photography blog this year and put Mrs. Fantastic Fletcher in charge (smart people over there at KEH!)

Recently Jenn decided to write a piece on photography charities and the studios that support them. She invited me to comment on my favorite photo-charity, Flashes of Hope. BAM!! It all comes together…

Check out her blog on the KEH site here – it is awesome! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share what we support Jenn – YOU ROCK!!!